30 DAY CHALLENGE // DAY THREE // ONE, SOME OR ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS I forgot to mention guys, 30 day challenge is only Mon-Fri, so there won’t be any weekend posts.

‘Nacho Libre‘ for Lakeshore RecordsI was asked to do the album cover art for the Vinyl Edition of the NACHO LIBRE Sountrack by Lakeshore Records! Check out news and updates with Lakeshore on social media on any platform at any of the links below. Thanks to AD John Bergin! http://www.twitter.com/LakeshoreRecshttp://www.facebook.com/LakeshoreRecordshttp://www.youtube.com/LakeshoreRecordshttp://www.instagram.com/LakeshoreRecordshttp://lakeshorerecords.tumblr.com

FAN APPRECIATION POST This year I hit 50,000 followers. And it seems a lot of people are doing art for the 30 Day Challenge and also a handful of art inspired by mine, which seems to mean cross...

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