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Romantic in the movies. Not so much in the real world. Maybe I just don't like rain.

Kiss in the rain - check (; just now hehe he's so romantic!

Love Bucket List

cuddle in front of the fireplace with someone i love (check! Love to scootchel by the fireplace with my hubby and babies.

for a romantic get away

How to Plan Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a small French Polynesian island in the Pacific ocean, located northwest of Tahiti. Because of its warm climate and paradisiacal landscape, the island is a popular spot for.

Hopefully in the arms of my love

This reminds me of being little. We loved to sleep under the stars! My sister and I used to sleep on our trampoline under the stars, too!

Dance in the rain. so fun!

bucket list, before I die, dance in the rain. Like, really dance in the rain :) I have done it before.

Kiss someone at midnight on New Years eve

Kiss Someone At Midnight On New Years. Our first midnight new years kiss in As a derhay

✔️ My husband and I did this for our anniversary last year

Bucket List: Romantic dates under the stars with my guy Someday.Stargazing is an awesome friend "date" too! I did it a lot last summer :)

Have a Baby Fall Asleep in My Arms (Check)

I love that feeling! I was babysitting yesterday and baby Jacob fell asleep in my arms, I started crying. It's such an honour to have a baby trust u enough to be calm and fall asleep in ur arms! I love babies soo much!