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Specimen Jars

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hot glue tape worm specimens by Halloween Forum member Hilda

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from Martha Stewart

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

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Pickled Brains by Martha Stewart: Pretty convincing Halloween hors d'oeuvre made of cauliflower.

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Halloween apothecary jar printables

from Bitz & Giggles

DIY Spider Lantern

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DIY Spider Lanterns [keep it really affordable and ask parents/teachers to start saving clean glass jars with lids] FUN!


Easy Halloween Spider Cookies

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These Easy Halloween Spider Cookies are THE easiest Halloween Cookies EVERRR. Promise. While you're here, check out: 50 DIY Halloween Costumes My Halloween Pinterest Board 50 DIY Halloween Projects...

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halloween paper mache skull tutorial -- this is the diy i feel like i've been searching for all my life. great way to make a lot of easily customizable skulls for CHEAP

from Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas

HALLOWEEN CRAFT: How To Put A Severed Head In A Jar

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HALLOWEEN CRAFT: How to Put A Severed Head In A Jar...this might be a funny trick to play on the hubby ;)

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take an empty liquior bottle. buy a rubber mask. roll the rubber mask so it fits inside the bottle then fill with water and add loose tea.