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i'll fly away. exactly what I want. In white ink.

"Holding on too long is just a fear of what's to show because not everything that goes around Comes back around, you know, one thing that is clear It's all down the hill From here." -Queens of the Stone Age

Inner Elbow | 33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo. I LOVE THE PLACEMENT

i've often thought of getting a tattoo like this. i love the idea of having to lay down or tilt your head. work for it.

The first design I remember really falling in love with. For a long time, I wanted a huge back piece with a very big, detailed tail. Now that I have a smaller back piece, I'm thinking about just one, beautiful, original phoenix feather on my forearm.

Image detail for -phoenix tattoos ideas at back | HARD TATTOO | Tattoo | Tattoo Designs ...

Add some pinks and bright yellow in the tail and I would definitely rock this Phoenix.

According to Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the symbol of grace & virtue. Second only in importance to the Dragon. It represents the union of yin & yang, & was a gentle creature associated with the Empress, who alone could wear its symbol. In Japanese tattooing the phoenix is often twinned with the dragon, symbolizing yin & yang, the harmonious combining the best of feminine & masculine virtues. A phoenix is supposed to represent rebirth, resurrection, immortality & victory over trials.

Phoenix tattoo - I wish i had enough for this right now

Phoenix tattoo - Sarah Chintomby Paige not the one im looking for but still beautiful!

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