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For the Mandala flower, here is a step-by-step photo gallery. To do this you start at step 1 with 7 strings attached and 6 with Einhängeschlingen on 7 folded thread. Other threads are then inserted by most of us with an ordinary shoelace knot. Overall, you need 98 double threads for the flower in the tutorial! However, it is important that there are 7 at the beginning and at least 4 are inserted at every step.

Mandala - great center for a beaded button

Mandala Macrame Necklace

Bronze Mandala Beaded Earrings

Would be cool to do a full circle and then cut it up and place it around the page as a composition lesson.

TUTORIAL to create a big double face Mandala by MagichePietre - den er utrolig smuk den skal laves 1. prioritet

togetherwellmakeitthrough: A few people kept asking me how I made these flowers so I took pictures of each stage to show you :)) The knots in the centre picture are cobra knots and the knots after that stage are all just forward and backward knots