Luke out for Yoda, he's a crafty one.

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Begun the Clone War has.

Even when I am watching a series and comes the plot twist. Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics

Oh that Luke, always getting himself into trouble!

*pinterest stops what it's doing to watch tumblr watch humans watch dogs watch kittens*

Happy Fathers Day y'all! Heres a funny #StarWars Fathers day #Meme for everybody to enjoy lol

- ̗̀ it's a beautiful day ̖́-

You're so vein.

so funny.

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Solo and Chewy.

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Funny Snapchats : theBERRY

Me: *texts boyfriend* (I don't have a boyfriend btw) hey babe, I'm alone this weekend... Boyfriend: yeah ;) Me: wanna come over and watch Star Wars and have a Nerf gun fight?

When she had the perfect reaction to this blasphemous statement. | 24 Times Jess From "New Girl" Was 100% Actually You

Yoda Dawg

One day I will win just have to keep playing.. | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images

"Shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level!"