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*Tries wery hard not to react to cuteness* *Fails*

I outwardly laughed at my computer when I saw this. Haha I'm so glad I understand this. Star Trek humor :)

Padmé Didn’t Die of a Broken Heart -- There's something you missed. I find it odd that one of the most pivotal and mysterious moments in the Star Wars saga is discussed infrequently, and when it is the case is closed. Some time between...

Star Trek Humor with Uhura


Why? Just bcos.

A pile of trouble.

The "Stars". I feel a disturbance in the Prime Directive...

space: the final frontier.

haha reminds me when a certain someone was told to put on a red shirt in Star Trek Into Darkness and my heart just dropped

An android observation.

Star Trek/Big Bang Theory mashup of Sheldon Cooper's favorite soothing song, 'Soft Kitty,' done with a Tribbles theme. Excellent. Don't think the Klingons will be singing it though...

Ooh, how.the nerd in me loves this! geeky humor :D


Nerd humor.

I found this so funny...I'm laughing way too hard at this!

Just keep warping.

Obi Wan owns Gandalf

A Thing You Probably Didn’t Notice: Riker Sits Down Like A Crazy Person #startrek