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    hahaha so true

    Seriously though .


    Damn you weatherman!

    Seriously though.

    Teenager post Funny but, Remember don't text and drive whatever it is, it can wait, your life and the life of others come first! except @Sydney Fleshman :)

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    Because when I call your name, you DO NOT answer What, you come here NOW! Oh maybe that was just my house hehe

    I am laughing just thinking about how many times they had to try and take this.

    So me.

    We're True Friends.

    True Story check it out:

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    I've definitely never thought this but it's sooooo funny!! And so true...

    The youth of America will never feel our rage!

    Intelligent life

    Hahahaha so true

    Um true story. I get the strangest looks sometimes when talking about my friends! But that is why I love them.