Fine Motor Spider Theme

Halloween Fine Motor: Giant Lacing Spiderweb from Fun at Home with Kids

spider web sewing project - insect unit or Charlotte's Web Monday is 'I' Day~~'I' for Insect!


"experiment on how spiders sense vibrations in their webs. I grabbed a ball of black yarn and had my students sit in a circle. The each told a spider fact that they had learned and passed the ball of yarn around while holding on to a piece. Soon we had a huge web. I then had my class close their eyes and tossed rubber insects into the web. They raised their hands to show they felt the vibration!"

Screwdrivers: Fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination

in the fall

Making Insects with Play Dough for learning and fun in preschool and kindergarten! Practice fine motor skills and science with this fun activity!

fine motor control.. placing beans or small manipulatives to make designs

motor skills

Scissors skills: cutting yarn suspended from an embroidery hoop

Tonging Bugs

tracing scissors skills

Stringing Cut Straws Cut plastic drinking straws into small pieces, about 1-inch. (Cutting the straws is another great fine motor activity for kids.) Tie yarn to a plastic needle, or use plastic laces, and knot the end. Children string the straws onto the yarn or lace.

The very busy spider- make own spider web with yarn and paper plate

Fine motor activity

Fine motor skills reinforcement with leaves.

magnet fine motor. - Re-pinned by #PediaStaff. Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

L fine motor skills Table game

Mittens and hats for winter. Great for cutting and fine motor!!

Fine motor