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  • ♥La Francisca★

    Fire lily / Gloriosa lily Gloriosa is a genus of five species in the plant family Colchicaceae, from tropical Asia .They have showy red or orange flowers, distinctive because of their pronouncedly reflexed petals, like a Turk’s cap lily. It's the national flower of Zimbabwe and was the national flower of Rhodesia.

  • Julie Hogue-Conger

    Fire Lily my grandma had these in her flower bed when I was a child. I wish I could find them now.

  • Charlene Fewings

    Fire Lily - one unusual flower in each girls hair.

  • Sandy Tibbits

    Fire Lily, OMG this is the most beautiful flower!! So stunning!

  • Natalie Moon

    Fire Lily #flower #garden #nature #lily #red

  • Zetta Cronin

    Fire #room designs #home design|

  • Jessica Rand

    Fire Lily - why yes, yes I would like a tattoo of you...

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