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  • Laura

    Can't wait for this movie! #hungergames

  • Stacy Reese

    Amazing movie and Amazing actors :) Liam Hemsworth a.k.a Gale and Josh Hutcherson a.k.a Peeta. Team Peeta :)

  • Katie Bo Batie

    Loved the books!!! Cant wait for the first movie!! The Hunger Games!

  • Jaime Contrys

    The Hunger Games! Book: Team Peeta Movie: Team Gale.

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this is also one of the few times in the movie you see Katniss smile which is what makes him so special . Whether she knows it or not ,Peeta is one of the reasons she is who she is . She keeps saying that she owes him and hates it but , he doesn't care he wants to do these things for him because .......he loves her

Hunger Games inspired.

Let's vote: Should I buy this for the Hunger Games movie? Gale's has a better design and color scheme, but I'm totally team Peeta...

I hope they do the book justice. It will be very entertaining, anyway, I daresay... :D

The BOOK, not the movie. Or both. Both is better. As long as you read the books too.

Aghhhhhhhh THE FEELS. follow me on instagram @johanna_mason_victor !!!!

Hunga Gammmmmmmmmes. Emily Schoenfeld Halls shirt idea for mockingjay? with a dandelion. jus thinkin ahead...

The Hunger Games 3.23.12: I'm making sure to have a babysitter all set. Will Not Miss This Movie.

Hunger Games Inspired KEEP CALM printable file by ClickableParty, $5.00

Bam! Simple minded folk, there's more to it than just the love story. But being a romantic I do enjoy it :)