Painting with real tools. Paint rollers, paint brushes and even a paint pan. But with water! Take it outside on the driveway and paint it!

Backyard Art Ideas - Rake Your Driveway with Chalk!

Real spiderwebs... This is a great way to take a close look at spiderwebs.

A bucket and a rope: this simple contraption has provided hundreds of hours of open-ended, imaginative, gross-motor fun (happy hooligans)

Chalkboard road outdoors by 'Wendy' - image shared by Learn with Play at home (",)

Water play for kids out of doors!

A tin foil river to float bottlecap boats on -- too fun.

Anyone who has a young child or is a teacher for young children, this lady's blog is BRILLIANT with fun learning ideas.

Buiten spelen met water. Maak met krijt een soort super groot dartbord. Van achter de startlijn (of vanuit je eigen start-figuur) gooi je met een natte spons in de juiste cirkel. Tip van Speelgoedbank Amsterdam voor kinderen en ouders.

Hammering golf tees into styrofoam. Real life tools.

More texture brushes. I like the rubber band one, great to use all the rubber bands from the CSA.

Dry weather fun: Painting With Water so simple but they will love it!

Voor energy-release momenten: 30 Moves for Excess Energy and Rainy Days.

fun water and ball run-thinking about how my son is obsessed with water. Need to make certain it is exterior paint with some water resistance for longer shelf life.

Paint ideas and activities for kids and toddlers

Magic paint board

Marble raceway - another great re-use for pool noodles


magnet painting

A DIY under-the-table playhouse made using roller shades