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The "real world" Totoro house: Kitchen

Ngôi nhà Totoro có thật ở Nhật Bản? | Hội yêu thích Studio Ghibli

When Studio Ghibli fans visit Japan, they typically make a beeline for the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. But there's another spot that should be on any fan's list. Make that every fan's list.

The Real 'My Neighbor Totoro' House

If you have 100 reasons why you want to go to Japan, then make this your 101st: a true-to-life My Neighbor Totoro house. If you’re a rabid fan of Studio Ghibli, seeing these images will surely make you go ku-rei-ji. Everything is meticulously replicated: from its kitchen and bathroom to Satsuki and Mei’s desk and […]

the totoro house may or may not be my dream house http://kotaku.com/in-japan-you-can-visit-the-totoro-house-for-real-1038774854

2015- real life My Neighbor Totoro House!!!!!

In Japan, You Can Visit the Totoro House. For Real. http://kotaku.com/in-japan-you-can-visit-the-totoro-house-for-real-1038774854

Satsuki and Mei’s House in real life-kitchen

Kitchen love




Rustic kitchen.

Totoro House


Totoro garden

Glass house

Lienzo de Barro House / Chaquiñán