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Ooooh.  Sold out at etsy.  Hope they make more. brooklyn map

Brooklyn, New York map

Idea: Rudimentary map of HR with Taxi icons sprinkled about.

Giambattista Nolli's map of Rome, drawn in 1748 and still available in facsimile reproduction, is well known to most Western architects for one reason only. It is known not because it records one o...

Giambattista Nolli's map of Rome. The Nolli map uses figure ground style of drawing to show the public and private relationship in the city of Rome. If the public and private relationships of a mega city today were to be mapped, what would it look like?

Paisaje en líneas por benkafton en Etsy

Landscape in lines

Good example of how hand drawn and digital elements can be layered to create an emotive communication piece. Overlaying with a bold colour makes the presentation pop to the viewer Whilst also serving the function of highlighting key pieces of information.

Giambattista Nolli – Nolli Plan of Rome, 1784

Giambattista Nolli's map of Rome in the century; the public spaces of the city. thinking of making our scheme an urban scheme, and the circulation/special spaces are the green areas.

The Original Topography of Manhattan Island from the Battery to 155th Street, 1880 #nyc #map #manhattan

The Original Topography of Manhattan Island 1880 (Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin) | 1950s NYC pictorial map: booklet cover

Cairo By Air Switzerland NYC pictorial map: booklet cover Contact containers are great for storing cosmetics.

Horse routes in Manhattan (c1840)

Vintage Infodesign [62

New York subway map

The design that started it all! A graphic interpretation of the New York City subway system. Original artwork inspired by the subway map. Standard size for easy