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  • Danielle Wust

    Hidden Kitchen Organizer! Great idea! #organization inside of cabinet door command center organizing life planner

  • Sherry Vulgamott

    turn the inside of a kitchen cabinet into a neat and organized family command center. Awesome idea! Wish I could do this, but my birds enjoy sitting on the cupboard doors too much. Everything would be covered in poo!

  • Nicole Russo Morodan

    Great kitchen cupboard organizer. This gives me great ideas for the pantry doors! / IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Hidden Kitchen Organizer

  • Missy

    PERFECT for getting clutter off the fridge and countertops! ***** Lowes and purchased two sheets of metal.  The inside of the cabinet door measured 18″ x 24″.  ...****It was cheaper to purchase two 12″ x 24″ sheets than it was to buy a larger sheet and cut it to size.  I took a magnet with me to test the sheet metal..... ****I used Liquid Nails to secure the sheet metal to the inside of the door..... *****Instead of cutting one of the pieces of sheet metal to size, I decided to overlap them..... ***** I set some books on top of the sheet metal and left it alone for 24 hours, allowing the Liquid Nails to dry.... ****While the cabinet door was drying, I worked on the clothespin organizer.  ****When I was at Lowes, I picked up a 24″ piece of pine craft wood and had them cut it down to 18″ so it would fit the width of the door. *** I grabbed some clothespins and glued them on with E6000 glue.  ****You could use Liquid Nails or wood glue.  I used E6000 because it was closer in proximity to me that the Liquid Nails.  I mean, who wants to get up and walk an additional 20 feet for glue?  Not I.  I let the clothespin organizer dry for 24 hours..... ****After the Liquid Nails had dried, I used leftover shelf liner from my dresser turned TV stand project on the sheet metal to give it some pizzazz.... ****I gave the clothespin organizer a couple of coats of spray paint.  Then I attached three magnetic strips to the back.... ****** The hidden kitchen organizer has been working beautifully for us.  We can organize our stuff and hide it at the same time.  I think the fridge is a little lonely without all those things on it, but it’ll get over it..... ****We use the clothespin organizer to corral our take out menus, bills, random important things {i.e. jewelry store gift certificate}, and fitness class schedules..... *****On the top portion, we have important business cards, spare car keys, wedding invitations, some random photos {that’s my brother and me in the laundry basket, circa 1986}, and magnets.  If we need the space, we’ll remove the photos, which are in magnetic frames..... ****One thing I like to do on my personal blog, is share how much I spent on a project.  What can I say?  I like transparency..... 2 pieces of 12″ x 24″ sheet metal: $7.88.... 24″ piece of pine craft wood: $1.37... Magnetic strips: $1.04... Liquid Nails: already owned... E6000 glue: already owned... Shelf liner: already owned... Spray paint: already owned... Clothespins: already owned... TOTAL: $10.29... ****If you don’t have the items that I already had, it would probably cost you an additional $10-$15 for this project.... ***What do you say – do you think you’ll put one of your kitchen cabinet doors to work and give your fridge a break

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