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"the axis of the universe—love" - E.E. Cummings. M101: A spiral galaxy located about 21 million light years from Earth. (Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; IR & UV: NASA/JPL-Caltech; Optical: NASA/STScI)

NGC 602: Young stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud, one of the closest galaxies to our Milky Way. (Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Univ.Potsdam/L.Oskinova et al; Optical: NASA/STScI; Infrared: NASA/JPL- Caltech)

I've had these musings myself sometimes! Especially about the sunrise being someone else's sunset =)

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You are made of love. Love is the basic energy of the universe. It’s the pinnacle and basic core of human experience, and it’s what we came here on earth to know. It’s what you’re made of, and love is vibrating in every cell of your being. You emanate love’s healing power.

The Most Astounding Fact: Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by a reader of TIME magazine, "What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?" His answer is humbling and inspiring. It captures the essence of what science teaches us about being human. See his response in this video, We Are Star-stuff: Image via: http://twicsy.

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars." - Marin Luther King Jr. Tarantula Nebula: A massive star-forming region located about 160,000 light years away. (Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/PSU/L.Townsley et al.; Optical: NASA/STScI; Infrared: NASA/JPL/PSU/L.Townsley et al.)

Honestly you may not have put the stars in the sky, but you did put them in my eyes... and when I see you, I see something that is as wonderful and amazing as the universe itself... I pray you know just how much I love you and how much you mean to me...

We´ve One Option From Which To Gain !...Be One With The Universe´s Consciousness !...Or,Just Simply Go Down The Drain !...Time To Grow Up Everybody,Clean Up The Mess !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapings ?... Samissomar

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First black hole orbiting a 'spinning' star

Scientists have discovered the first binary system ever known to consist of a black hole and a ‘spinning’ star – or more accurately, a Be-type star. Although predicted by theory, none had previously been found.