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Four Supernova Remnants: NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Celebrates 15th Anniversary. Crab Nebula. NASA/CXC/SAO | via Chandra Observatory

Puppis A: An X-ray Tapestry. Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/IAFE/G.Dubner et al & ESA/XMM-Newton

Chandra Infographic Shows Where The Color Comes From In Space Pictures

Illustrated E. E. Cummings Quote Print | Art Prints | Obvious State Studio | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Supernova Infographic Every 50 years or so, a massive star in our galaxy blows itself apart in a supernova explosion.(Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss) Larger version: Related Link:

My true allegiance; to my fellow humans, my planet and ultimately my universe.

Get to know more about this giant galaxy cluster: chandra.harvard.e... NASA/SAO/CXC | via Chandra Observatory

The universe can be cruel when it needs to be. It always explains later, though, when enough time has passed and you're ready to hear it.