Compost bin made from pallets

She added Window Screen to bottom & sides to keep airflow but prevent compost from falling through the pallets… great/simple Things: DIY Compost Bin

It's surprisingly easy to build a backyard compost bin on the cheap using recycled shipping pallets.

Build a inexpensive backyard compost bin using recycled shipping pallets with step-by-step instructions from HGTV Gardens.

miniature garden design ideas to reuse and recycle wood pallets

30 Mini Garden Design Ideas Recycling Wood Pallets

Recycled pallet fence is pretty clever. Economic as well. You can always find free pallets online!

Pallet Composter

Cómo hacer una compostera con palets

Tutorial for compost container - in Spanish Great for the environment and your garden. Do NOT compost grass that's been treated with nasty weed killers however.