Run a half marathon

Run a half marathon.don't think I can/don't want to tackle a full marathon.

@kelly frazier Massey hahaha thought you'd like this one

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I plan on being FULL on Crazy 6/3/2012 !!

I'm Only Half Crazy 13.1 Sticker (Rectangle)

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Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & Mini-Marathon (Louisville, KY)

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon & Half Marathon on Apr 2013 in Louisville, KY at City of Louisville. Welcome to the Derby Festival!


Have this magnet on my fridge. In November when I finish my first full will be moved to my car ;

"I run because I can.  When I get tired, I remember those who cannot run and what they'd give for this simple gift I take for granted...and I run harder for them.  I know they'd do the same for me."

To Marathon or Not to Marathon, That is the Question? ~ the basic need to knows for your first marathon

I love to do a half marathon as a way to see a new city.  The routes always take you through the nicest parts of town, so its fun as a tourist!

Pittsburgh Half Marathon- 6 May Time to get my butt in gear and start training!