Reward yourself after a hard day at work or school with this delicious Nutella snack drink. Who can really say no to Nutella and some tea?!

Waffle Fry Sliders. #yum

Nutella to go!

Nutella Whip Dip Recipe!

Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge


My jaw just dropped.


Nutella Cheesecake Dip Yield: 6 Servings Ingredients 1 cup heavy cream 1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese 3 Tbsp powdered sugar 3/4 cup Nutella

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The Perfect Baked Potato. Slice potato almost but not all the way through. Tuck butter between slices. Bake until tender. Dribble with sour cream. Shower with grated cheese. Bake again until melted and gooey. Lavish with more sour cream and chopped scallion or crumbled bacon or chili or whatever you please. favorite-recipes


Nilla-Nanner sandwiches. Add nutella:) Great snack for kiddos

Need this mug!

Pineberry- looks like a strawberry tastes like a pineapple

crescent rolls, put a scoop of Nutella in each one. Roll it up and roll it in cinnamon and sugar and then bake according to the package.

These Butternut Squash Fries are a perfect way to get your fussy eaters eating more veg!

Mint Chocolate Chip Frapp - 35 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Didn't Know You Could Order

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Spaghetti

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