Aldous Huxley.

H.G.WELLS (Herbert George Wells, 1866-1946) English writer, largely known for his works of science fiction.

“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” ― Albert Camus

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J,K. Rowling on banned books: "A very famous writer once said, ‘A book is like a mirror. If a fool looks in, you can’t expect a genius to look out.’ People tend to find in books what they want to find."

100 Must-Read African-American Books - How many have you read?

100 Must-Read African-American Books - How many have you read?

I'm not a mystery fan at all -- But Conan Doyle's writing is one of the best. Love his prose.

An 1884 notebook in which Mark Twain, “toying with the notion of a physician trying to write a play,” experimented with several hilarious character names.

Blink - Malcom Gladwell - Interesting and well worth a read. Make decisions in the blink of an eye!

C. S. Lewis is high on my list of the ten world's best authors/thinkers.

Victor Hugo | Poet, novelist, and dramatist who was the most well-known of all the French Romantic writers. Though regarded in France as one of that country’s greatest poets, he is better known abroad for such novels as Notre-Dame de Paris and Les Misérables | France | 1802 - 1885

I try to create sympathy for my characters... #quotes #writers #authors

José Saramago (portuguese writer, Nobel Prize) My favorite is The Tale of the Unknown Island

Flannery O'Connor - - Haha - I have plenty of school stories to relate! I just used this in my conference this weekend

Write On... 6 Traits of Writing and Writing Rubric for Self Evaluation

Crime and punishment, Fedor Dostoievsky. Just perfect.

Up From Slavery - Booker T. Washington "Only little small minded people live for themselves, one who never reads good books, who do not travel, who never open up their souls to come into contact with the great outside world."

Guy de Maupassant (5 augustus 1850, Tourville-sur-Arques, Frankrijk - 6 juli 1893, Parijs, Frankrijk)

Young Isaac Asimov- scfi, one of the best.

“Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”