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    The whole world of pinterest knows NIALL is mine it's quite nice

    I am in love with this boy. <<< I would love him as a BFF/brother xP if that made sense :)

    Niall... If I could even just hug this boy my life would be so fucking awesome. He is the best. This guy!! :) ♥ xx

    Please Join My Board 1d fam!!!! Its one of the first boards on my profile, COMMENT AND ILL ADD YOU! xx please join :)

    Is rathet go to sleep than find a girl. What does that even mean?! Ps he is beautiful.

    DERP. (look at Zayn. look at him! That is the most adorable derp face I've ever seen.)

    Hey! I wanted you guys to be the first to know my friend tirzah and me are making a YouTube account! We're doing a beauty blog (beauty, hauls, tutorials, favorites ect.) And we still need a name! If you guys have any suggestions comment below and I'm tagging tirzah in the comments:) love you guys xx

    Niall's moonmen. he's watching keeping up with the kardashians. A boy after my own heart! :) haha

    Niall shirtless in Spain. That girl needs to gtfo.

    I just felt the need to post this again because it is just so darn cute ;)