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Foursaddle Grouper, Epinephelus spilotoceps, by John E. Randall via FishBase (cc-by-nc)

An adorable #baby #elephant stares into the camera. Photo by: Billy Dodson #cute #wildlife

Male squareback anthias, Pseudanthias pleurotaenia, by Ciar via Wikimedia Commons (cc-by-sa)

Tortugas marinas #infografia

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Amazilia tzacatl, from Las Cruces Biological Station, Costa Rica by Jay Taft via Flickr (cc-by-nc):

Blond Crested Woodpecker Bird

Happy #SharkWeek ! The largest shark alive today is the whale shark, which can get up to 60 feet long, while the dwarf lantern shark can fit in your hand.

Male Barbary Macaques, Macaca sylvanus, participate in rearing the young. Males may spend a considerable amount of time playing with and grooming infants. In this way, a strong social bond is formed between males and juveniles, both the male's own offspring and those of others in the troop. More about this species: Image by Karyn Sig via Wikimedia Commons (cc-by)


"Leopard Stare" by Prabu dennaga

Hen and chicks

Funnywildlife: My Little Fiji Bird By Sylvia1sam On Flickr.



One awesome rooster!

Hoopoe (upupu epops)

baby duck.

Bunny Time

This HAS to make you smile.

Crocodile. The American natural history v.4 New York,C. Scribner's Sons,1914. Biodiversitylibrary. Biodivlibrary. BHL. Biodiversity Heritage Library

Sólo una rana con paraguas

Una mirada