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Satellite Eyes / a Mac app by Tom Taylor that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where you are, right now / beautiful

f.lux- Even with automatic brightness turned on, the hours we spend staring at our MacBooks can cause serious strain on our retinas, messing with our sleep patterns and zapping our concentration. f.lux is dedicated to protecting your peepers. The always-on utility adjusts not just the brightness, but also the color temperature of your display based on the time of day. It's especially useful at night, when the screen takes on a warm hue to help your eyes relax, letting you work and sleep…

Get started with your new Retina MacBook Pro: Find wallpapers, apps, and more. | ZAGGblog

Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub was designed for Mac computers, it features a sleek Apple-style design. $24.99 from Amazon.