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On our kitchen wall when I was growing up in the 60's.

Rotary phone...we had a green one in the beach cabin which probably lies in the bottom of the bay now! Thanks Ike! ; (

〆(⸅᷇˾ͨ⸅᷆ ˡ᷅ͮ˒) 1970's

1970 I had a pink one on my kitchen wall just like this! I think they called it "dusty rose" back then.

I can remember when touchtone became the new high tech! We had a lime green one.

Vintage telephone, from the 50s before that there was no curly cord. Just cord like on an iron.

Western Electric Trimline Phone ad. I remember when these were brand new, push button not rotary :-)

Once upon a time, everyone had one of these. In basic black. It was a big deal when color was introduced. BTW, our phone company charges us a couple of dollars a month for "touch tone service" - c'mon - when WAS the last time anyone used a rotary dial?

Rotary dial phone. This look just like the phone we had in the kitchen.

ROMs can extend the life of an old phone if you can’t afford to upgrade, but not all phones have good, stable ROMs. Installing a third-party ROM is not without risk—you could render your phone permanently frozen (unlikely) or cause it to become unstable (somewhat more likely). Still, something like CyanogenMod can add new life to an old phone.

Pay Phones - when these old ones were retired for a newer model, Aunt Wilma got one that hung in her hallway.