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  • Bonnie Bagel

    Helen Mask: The Moon, collecting stars.

  • Kika Kat

    Mano - Saami Moon Goddess In Sami mythology, Mano, Manno, Aske, or Manna is a personification of the moon as a female deity.

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Goddess of the Moon....I find it rather interesting when a woman changes her beliefs, religion, to suit her mate. Actually , sad, I shall I say...

Calling In Healing Light Each Night For Regeneration & Healing ~ It is a self reward if every night at bed time, you call healing light, via visualizations, via symbols calling-calling Guides & flames-asking that the whole process regenerates you... Light heals during that night time rest, wonderfully revitalizing you and helping you in all small details & greater aspects of life!

Mawu, African Goddess Of The Moon by Shella Goh| Mawu, African Goddess Of The Moon And here she is, the muse for my necklace of the same name. In Dahomey (West African) mythology, Mawu is a creator goddess, associated with the sun and moon. After creating the earth and all life and everything else on it, Mawu became concerned that it might be too heavy, so she asked the primeval serpent, Aido Hwedo, to curl up beneath the earth and hold it up in the sky.

The strength of connection, purpose; the power of divinely supported intent; the abundance that comes from will. I am unafraid. I am strong. I have an abundant supply of energy and strength enveloping my receptive nature at every moment in time. I am alive in a field connected with silvery white cords of love, honor, gratitude, purpose, connection. I am unconditional love, which is boundless...

Art by Brittney Lee! Hina is the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, death, and rebirth. One particular legend that I enjoy is that Hina lived in the sea and was tired of her toilsome underwater existence, so she left the water and escaped to the moon.

She looked so different from this... Moon Goddess // Eclipse ~ Tsuyoshi Nagano #moon #goddess #luna

louhi steals the moon A3 art print by jennisaarenkyla on Etsy. $30.00, via Etsy.

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it." Johann Wolfgang

An Indian representation of Mahadevi, the Hindu Great Goddess, c.1725; she holds an array of weapons; her third eye and crescent moon in her hair link her symbolically with Shiva; she stands on a lotus flower, a symbol of purity and sanctity. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)