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TheyAllHateUs | Page 6

TheyAllHateUs | Page 6

Oscar De La Renta



This is so true to so many people in my life. This goes to my family, my friends, He our Savior, and pretty much anyone I love. I'm so excited to see you and talk to you. I love that it happens everyday. We should always continue this. I love you. <3 :)

A little Note to Self, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY:))

Lotta Agaton

Seriously... it's not worth it

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this is true... Quotes for living

Scare the world. Be exactly who you say and tell the truth. Even tho peopl have lied an passed major rumors an still are I will be honest so many peopl say I'm lieing when I'm trying to tell em how it is but I no In the end the peopl that started the rumors an lies will fill like a lil kid an I no some that might even b away down deep but too proud to admit

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I miss you, mom...




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Need to remember this!

Brave morning sweeties! Today try not to let overbearing authority figures smother your burgeoning inner peace...


Life doesn't stop for anyone. ❥