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    Science idea - layers of the earth with Playdough- love this!

    Earth Science Experiments for Kids - Layers of the Earth for Kids #science #homeschooling

    phases of the moon

    Earth Science Unit.....A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains. So many other engaging (and easy to replicate) Earth science activities on her site!

    Planet Project, great visual representation of the planets' distances

    Layers of the Earth Project- will be doing this for 6th grade science!

    Layers of the Earth- cross section made out of play-doh

    Five ways to creatively teach science

    How to Make Lightning ~ 2 fun experiments for static electricity

    Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science It would be a good idea to use these as mystery boxes. Place six items in boxes and have them guess what the objects are or what they may all have in common. Could be used to introduce a new unit or book.

    earth layers

    Shows what happens inside the earth that causes the plates to move and produce things like volcanos.

    Earth Exploration

    planet artwork #diy #craft

    Earth Science Unit - lots of hands-on activities to teach how fold mountains are formed, plate movement and earthquakes, and the layers of Earth.

    Awesome idea from Earth Mama's World: Food Chain game out of styrofoam cups! Just glue images on to your cups and write the name of the organism on the rim. Mix them up, have kids put them in order, and stack them!

    treasure rocks! coffee grounds, sand, salt, flour, and water! bake your treasures inside! Perfect for fossil lesson.

    Tons of great science interactives/ short movies

    Free shipping and returns on Thames & Kosmos 'Rocket Science' Experiment Kit at How to become a rocket scientist? This kit is a good start. A step-by-step manual guides kids (and adults) through 18 mind-propelling experiments, from a "stomp on" rocket launcher to water- and air-powered models that demonstrate action, reaction, gravity and inertia. So whether you're wondering about air pressure or trying to escape Earth's gravitation pull, this all-inclusive bundle makes a fun first step.

    Third Grade Thinkers: Science: Earth Cycles