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Id love a country home with cows n chickens. Rabbits and maybe a horse

Baby brown cow. So cute! I want one that can stay at y'all's house but don can't ever have it! It shall stay with its friend, one of the fuzzy yellow baby chickens!!! ^-^

:) This is cute but the veterinarian in me only sees this child contracting crypto from that calf....

baby cow + why the vegan title shouldn't matter + every little bit counts

Hug a baby cow...yes, I know it's totally silly but I love cows and for some reason I just think hugging a baby cow would be so sweet.

The elephant calf ‘Nunai’ looking fuzzy at the International Fund for Animal Welfare Rehabilitation Center in Assam, India. c. S. Barbaruah/IFAW

Highland calf- So cute wanna go back to Scotland! or dig out my pictures!

Forget the zoo! This little guy can live in my garage!