Psylocke (Angeli)

Psylocke cosplay.

Mad Lady Hatter - Comic-Con 2011 ~ Cos Play

Great Psylocke cosplay

Psylocke cosplay.


Psylocke by Kris Lee

Korra, The Legend of Korra cosplay. Ha, it looks like her hand is coming out of her head.

A young Stan Lee

Starblazers #Cosplay

Doctor Girlfriend from the Venture Bros.


Uncanny X-Force Psylocke Cosplay

Punisher Cosplay

NYCC 2012 Wasp by LJinto, via Flickr

X-Force Psylocke [Cosplay]

Great cosplay


Literal breastplate will give you a cosplay-ready, anime-class bust in seconds 【Photos】