Magazine Art Bowl: Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon.

Rolled up strips of magazines. Cool.

DIY Button Bowl....Check Out These 10 Simple DIY Ideas To Create Unique Bowls #DIYCrafts

Ryan Gosling has the cover of his favorite childrens book, The Giving Tree placed on his left shoulder.

Upcycled magazines, cut into strips and rolled around paper clips and then linked together...DIY::BEADED CURTAIN:: Upcycled Paper Beads Hanging Bead Curtain

Great Recycling Idea! Use strips of magazines, and hot glue together to make a colorful pot!

Make boxes from magazines

Can't wait to do this! Wrap yarn around balloon. Dip balloon in watered down glue. Let dry, pop balloon.

Tutorial for coiling magazine pages for projects

Lantern Moon Recycled Paper Yarn Bowl from Hill Country Weavers

recycled magazine clock

DIY bowl with recycled magazines

Reuse magazines and newspapers to make a basket

Hot air balloons made from light bulbs.

Coiled magazine page dish with lid

bubble painting: mix food coloring in with bubbles... blow on paper... let them pop n' dry.

Canvas Art. This would be so much fun with the kids!

The things they're doing with toilet paper rolls these days. You know you can buy colored ones at Michael's? I mean seriously?