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    Fairy Beds Outside | Galvanized steel raised bed garden.

    Here's a great way to make your own trellis. This trellis is a great way to extend your gardening space. Grow your vegetables vertically. This trellis is easy to make and folds for easy winter storage. #garden #DIY #trellis

    Almost perfect. Perfect, no more than 2 inches between each stone.

    Willow Bee Inspired: Garden Design No. 18 - The Potager. A potager is the French term for an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden. This design is to provide a garden of abundance in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

    mini-raised beds

    Citrus espalier, bed of succulents //wonder about doing this with the blueberry bushes...c

    Dream garden. :/

    Raised bed garden

    Mow-over flower bed edging. Very easy to do at a very inexpensive cost! Will save you hours with trimming.

    How to install a flagstone path Use our easy step-by-step instructions to install your own path in a weekend!

    Raised Bed Garden Ideas

    Continuous cilantro growing method worth pinning even if a second time!.

    Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. Neat idea. The photo says it all.

    Ever battle thru shrubs planted against the house to paint, wash windows or other chores? To make this easier, design a gravel maintenance strip/path around the entire perimeter of a house to allow the house (and plantings) to breathe a bit. A good rule of thumb is to make it slightly wider than the roof overhang; a width of 18 inches is usually sufficient. Pulling the garden away from the house slightly also gives a better inside view of the plantings.

    Formal doesn’t have to mean difficult. This parterre lends elegance and a sense of order to the property’s vast acreage. Composed of only two types of plants—lavender and boxwood—it’s also easy to tend. “We do all the work ourselves, so we needed a fairly low-maintenance garden,” explains Dannielle. “The secret is to choose plants that naturally keep themselves tidy, then plant densely.”

    side yard with blue gray river rock instead of white rock

    Low maintenance parking strip

    If you live in a temperature zone similar to that of southern California or the Mediterranean, you can get creative in your sidewalk space with a mixture of flowers, edible plants and ornamental grasses that look beautiful year round.

    Eden by Design Projects: Tropical Gardens

    Gardening Brochures: Garden Planning, Pond Calculation Worksheet, Plant a Mediterranean Garden, Plan a Native Garden, Surround Yourself with Fragrance, Parking Strip Plantings, Gardening with children, Raingardens and Bioswales, Installing a Seed lawn, Drought Tolerant Plantings, Coastal Plantings, Low Maintenance Plantings, Container Gardening, Birds and Bees and..., Shade Plantings, Pests and Annoyances.

    Great idea for low water - low work gardening/landscaping for the hell strip in front of a driveway or sidewalk. Pavers, gravel, rocks, succulents. Pavers & trim for rock garden tropical landscape

    DIY: Low Maintenance Rock Garden - no link. This is perfect for a roadside spot - succulents aren't fussy and rocks won't wash away!

    A rock maintenance strip around the house ... catches splashes, keeps walls clean and minimizes pests. Put your foundation plantings in front of the strip.