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    The ABC's of Life Vinyl Wall Art Decal by VisionsInVinyl on Etsy

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    The ABC's of Life - words of wisdom


    Life Quote ABC list. If you seek action after inspired quotes for your business in the areas of Goal-Setting #kpi management and #BI business intelligence solutions then see how JAMSO can help you. Http//

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    Printing this for the kids room

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    The ABC's of Life #quotes #life #positive #live #abc #inspirational

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    One's ABC of Life Alphabet!!

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Truth be told...


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Don't be a victim of negative self-talk remember- you are listening..

Like yourself

made me smile ...

life quote


yes... this is so true. Find Your VALUE ♥ @

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Wisdom quotes.


One of the greatest cruelties we can choose ... casual blindness to others ... rather, be kind - see and act in God's Love.

rand and hillary

Your job!


If you don't like a President who cuts special deals for Iran then it's time to finally throw out your Reagan love doll. --John Fugelsang

Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth. - Albert Einstein

Great job Gov. Pence. Hope your Religious Freedom bill was worth it. Republicans have hitched their wagon to ignorant christian zealots, gun nuts, homophobes, bigots and the super wealthy assholes that feel it's their right not to contribute or pay taxes as they destroy the environment. Hopefully Democrats will get out and vote to turn this around !

Old people republicans voting for elected republicans to take away their old people social security.