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  • Ann Roehrs

    Mme Gautreau (1891) by Gustave Courtois Madame Gautreau had been the subject of the infamous Madame X painting by John Singer Sargent seven years prior to this painting.

  • Julie Doornbos

    Gustave-Claude-Etienne Courtois - Portrait de Madame Gautreau (1891) - Amelie Gautreau had this portrait painted years after the famous Madame X painting by Sargent. It was her response to the controversy surrounding her lowered shoulder strap in that earlier painting.

  • David J

    ...A view of " Madame X " before she was infamously painted by Sargeant....and was just Virginie Gauteau from Louisiana...

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john singer sargent: Madame X (detail) Oil painting. 1883-84. Sargent's famous and controversial work. Here we have a large detail. Sargent had originally painted the woman's right strap (our left) slipped off her shoulder and onto her arm. After the critical storm, he repainted the strap onto the shoulder as we see it now

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