Ginger flower


Blue Ginger

Torch ginger growing in Far North Queensland, Australia


Egret Flower- (Habenaria radiata)

Drumstick Allium

Pitcher plants look exotic, but they are extremely adaptable to any growing situation! Learn more about this gorgeous plant:

Cactus and Flower, MEXICO

Balloon Flower, Platycodon grandiflorus, is ideal for both the novice and experienced gardener who want an easy to care for blast of white, pink or blue summer

Protea - one of the world's oldest flowers, goes back 300 million years.

Banana Plant Flower

I love these. Plant them every year. Shade-Loving Annuals: Viola. Like lobelia, violas are cool-season plants that can take full sun in early spring and fall, but they'll bloom a bit later into the summer if you grow them in the shade, especially in the South. Violas bear flowers in a dizzying range of shades including many wonderful bicolors such as the 'Sorbet Coconut Swirl' shown here.

Hawaiian flower: Pua Melia (Plumeria) or frangipani. I want this as a tattoo on the back of neck with my wedding date underneath in a pretty script!(:


Close up Heliconia...perfect.

passion flower

Red Banksia Flowers

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