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Sleepy snuggles

1954, New York, NY - Vivian Maier

But mooooommmm....

Black Elk (1863-1950), father of Frank Fools Crow, cousin of Crazy Horse. He was a medicine man and had a great vision regarding his people at a young age. Later he travelled to Europe with Buffao Bill's Wild West show and performed in front of Queen Victoria in 1887. He continued to travel Europe and returned to Pine Ridge in 1889. One year later he was wounded at the US Army-lead Massacre at Wounded Knee, but survived, and was a spiritual leader until his death.

Sioux, Black Hills

I fits.

Summer Time

The Daily Corgi: Saturday #Corgi Smiler: Callie!


Непомнящий Дмитрий + Попугаева Ольга

Muffin Top.


Milk delivered to your home! 50's and 60's

Gilligan AKA Smellyboy. 💝🌸

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

Like No Other: 2015

Hula hooping, 1959

Top 10 standout sites to get the best deal possible on your flight

subtle, beautiful tattoo ideas #tattoos #beauty

World of Funny Pictures Vol.16

Europe is one of my top travel destinations. When I travel Europe cheap, often at a fraction of the price, it only makes it better. It is also one of the places that people ask me about the most. O...

Prairie girl, 1911

Sam, my first cat was a black cat that Pam gave me, I named him Navin after Steve Martin's character in this movie. The Jerk 1979 Comedy Movies Full Movie 720P