The Best Drinking Game Ever? Step 1: Attach a mustache to your TV. Step 2: Drink when it lines up to someone's face.

I don't drink but this is actually pretty clever....if you know how to play chess that is

Omg, so cute!

Battle Shots? Where has this been???!

beer mustaches!! NEED THESE

hahahaha-just put a towel over your face before the sand!

i drink until i pass out baby bottle funny by cuteandfunny, $15.00

mustache humor

Ideas for tricks to play on people

"I never drink... I just disinfect internal injuries." the best excuse for drinking I've ever heard. It's funny but also makes some sense if you think of internal injuries as emotional ones. #humor #funny #alcohol

Next Walmart trip?

Please let my child be this sarcastic.

Silly me!


next game night? haha

Take a picture of a friend with their face squished against glass – Assign to phone contact – It’ll look like they’re trapped inside your phone


New Drinking Game: Attach a mustache to your TV. Then drink pop or eat a chip with dip every time it lines up with someone's face! Fun game for parties!

lol wow

my life