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fitness bucket list. I can do it on the wall, now to move up

because despite living in AZ for a year I never went :( #grandcanyon #arizona #bucketlist

Meet Ben. Ben is 72 years old and the sole caretaker of his disabled adult son. He started attending Crossfit in order to build & maintain the strength he needed in order to be able to pick his son up out of his wheelchair regularly. So for all of you thinking “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “Its too hard” or “What’s the point?” - Find a reason. Find a reason to live the best life that you can.

Couch to 5K More Start Running, Couchto5K, Website, Web Site, Couch To 5K, Internet Site, 5K Running, Running Plans, The Color Running Couch to 5K plan for anyone who might be new to #running! #workouts #couchto5K couch to 5k running workout routine for the color run (: Couch to 5K running plan -- this is what I used when I started running. It works! Highly recommend


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6 Things to Know Before Your First Color Run

Color Run Tips

Beginner 5K plan. @Meghan Lynch @Megan Churchey @Kate Levangie I am assuming you are ALL signing up for the color run, so this might help! I really think this ould be so fun!!