• Ronda Thompson

    Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Actually I'm pretty sure chocolate tastes as good as skinny feels.

  • Haley Drivee

    indeed funny quote ecard chocolate

  • Tanya Lang


  • Carolyn Livingston

    Ditto! You can't tell me that skinny feels better than chocolate (chip cookies), cheesecake, or spaghetti taste. I'd rather enjoy food and be a healthy weight than give up the food I love or starve and be SKINNY. If being skinny is that important to you, you might want to rethink you're priorities.

  • Alicia Kuharich

    story of my life.

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Stop. Pinning. This. This is not a healthy message for young women, especially not on a forum such as this one that is largly populated by young women. Skinny is beautiful, curvy is beautiful, HEALTHY and CONFIDENT is beautiful; Starving yourself, denying lifes simple pleasures, or intentionally messing with your own psychology to justify dangerous thinking IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. Be happy with who you are, as you are. I know it's hard in today's world, and people are cruel. But there is no need ...


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