Make a Ferrocement Stone Face | Ultimate Paper Mache

Stone sculptures by Hirotoshi Itoh. Alternatively titled: "Nightmare Fuel."


Tim Walker

Amusing Stone Art Hirotoshi Itoh uses rocks obtained in a river bank close to his house to make sculptures with an incredible sense of humor and structure.

Public art Antwerp

Katsura Funakoshi

Nele Azevedo, Melting Man, Berlin This amazing installation of 1,000 melting men was done in collaboration with the WWF to highlight global warming. #street @art #ice @http://www.unurth.com/Nele-Azevedo-Melting-Man-Berlin

Monkeys in my Head by Mark Bryan

In The Rain sculpture for Scotch(R) Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest - 2012

Pinterest'te Bayan Grafiker & Bay Mühendis adlı kullanıcının Drawing :) panosunu takip edin.

Danaide, Sandstone, 1907-09, Constantin Brancusi

Making a ceramic relief tile, then making a master mold of it with plaster. Great pics and instruction!

Japhan de Villers

mushrooms with faces were made of paperclay (Dekovorm) and painted with oilpaint.

Quentin Garel

two dozen heads, better than one dozen.


Carruth Studio http://www.carruthstudio.com/products/Sweet-Pea-Sextuplets.aspx