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Scary but motivating.

On Right: X-Ray of someone with good body composition; On Left: X-Ray of someone with a morbidly obese body composition. There's no such thing as being "big boned".

X ray

9 Amazing Benefits of Exercise

Meat grinder + your arm = scary xray. (SFW) - Imgur

Meat grinder + your arm = scary xray. (SFW)

X-ray of a meat grinder injury to the arm and hand. don't stick your arm in a meat grinder.

hand x-rays

hôpital des enfants malade (paris) – finger bones, x-rays joseph handler

What Do the Brains of Migraineurs Look Like? Interesting research on blood vessel formation and another potential causation link in solving the mystery of why we get migraine headaches.  Pinning for further research...

What are the 3 Most Common Symptoms of a Migraine Aura?

IQ tests are 'fundamentally flawed' and using them alone to measure intelligence is a 'fallacy', study finds - Science - News - The Independ.

Blood vessels in the human body…

Blood vessels in the human body…

Your weight loss: and I need to point out that the average American eats more pounds of cheese in a year than the weight of a 2 year old.....  Well I do anyhow

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How much have you lost so far? I lost an elephant's PENIS. There's some perspective. Granted, I've gained back close to all the chemical additives an American consumes in a year now that I'm in my month of pregnancy, but let's just focus on the

A scan showing the coronary arteries of the heart

expose-the-light: “ Angiogram of Healthy Heart Photograph by SPL/Photo Researchers, Inc. The picture of health, an angiogram of a human heart shows blood vessels in sharp detail. To take an angiogram,.


On this day in scientist Wilhelm Roentgen discovers X-Rays. When Wilhelm Roentgen took the very first X-ray photograph – a ghostly image of his wife’s hand – in the German physicist not.