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How cute!! :):) Isn't this just the greatest photo. Kids photograph so well......unless you want them to!

I'm pretty sure me & Josh can't make kids that look like this, but I really wouldn't mind it if we did.

I want a fat baby I can dress up as Jack Black's Nacho Libre then return when he becomes not so cute.

Energy may be unseen, but it is real. Think, speak, and act with positive energy... Think Peace and act with Love.

No words. I just get flutter by bumps and feel so much emotion at the magnificence of this moment ❤tami

What do you mean I wasn't picked to go to Hogwarts. Sad owl.

Top 10 Most Lovable Dogs in the World. Isn't he the modt adorable dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This chubby puppy reminds me of all those pups Mamaw & Papaw had ... Duke was one of them. Who were all the others!!

So much extra skin he's got to grow into!

I love a chubby baby girl in a bikini! Makes me miss the days when my little girl was a chubby bikini baby!

Yes!!!! I would love for our kids to learn (early) even though I know there will be boo boos and hospital visits lol