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Everyday that we are together, be it in person, on phone or in Text....It is always my best day!!! ~angel-eyez~

Isn't love beautiful? I'd rather be fighting with my husband than ever be with anyone else! Who needs fairy tales? I love my life, my crazy life.

Wouldn't be as confident in our relationship if it wasn't for the hours on end that I prayed it was Gods will ♡

The Notebook. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." #quotes ....hmmm maybe get this as a tattoo? I say this to my lovie all the time!

Guess we know! Being a military wife is hard. And more women know it better than I do. But being a military wife is one of the most rewarding and proudest roles I can be. I'm always going to be waiting right where my soldier left me. And praying every second he is away from me.

This seriously couldn't be any more true!! You are such an incredible wife and Mom!! 😘