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    Get rid of raccoons with Epsom salts

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    • Amber Christy

      Tip of the Day: keep those messy raccoons out of your garbage by sprinkling Epsom salt in the bag b4 tying and/or sprinkle it around your garbage containers or wherever you put your trash

    • KCRIK

      Get rid of raccoons with Epsom salts - Time to repost this. I saw one go hide in the brush as I was pulling into my driveway tonight. I have some plants on my deck. In the past, my friendly raccoons have enjoyed themselves by digging my plants out of their containers.

    • Edna Lima

      Guaxinim (Procyon lotor) Vive nas Américas do Norte, Central e Sul. Habita florestas próximas a água. Durante o dia dorme em árvores oca e buracos em pedras, a noite caçam pássaros, ratos, insetos, peixes, lesmas rãs e cobras. Comem também frutas e ovos.

    • Joanna Blackwelder

      Tip of the Day: Eradicate Raccoons - Wish I would have known this back in Florida...

    • Todd Bremner

      Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor)

    • Guatelindo

      El Mapache (Raccoon)

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