Fun Family-friendly party game: Tissue Box Bop

minute to win it game: How's is Hanging..tie a banana to a string around your waist..knock it into the orange to move orange across room

just cut shapes in a tarp

McBrides: New Year's Minute to Win it! Great blog post describing the fun and silly games this extended family played on a holiday. Looks like fun for Christmas or New Year's or any occasion when you need some indoor games for a group of various ages. by longyly

Glow in the dark bubbles - this will be fun on our next camping trip! @Valarie Holm

Don't judge me.

Minute to win it Donut game! We did it on string 2 at a time with someone (a helper) holding the string!


Christmas Party Game idea Finally something other than plain, old White Elephant! Trade gifts with... -the person who has the longest hair -the person to your right/left -the person whose gift wrap has the most red on it -the person with the smallest/biggest gift -the person with the biggest smile -a person wearing green/red -the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas... etc.

Minute to Win It Party - really hilarious game ideas for adults and kids. Fun times with friends and family.

Adult game night

Fruit Roll Adult Game - This is one of the most favourite icebreaker game being played by adults in most parties.

Top 10 Fear Factor Birthday Party Games - Some of these would be awesome at youth group!

Redneck outdoor party game! (In the winter you could do this with snowballs.)


Christmas Party Games

Tape Ball Sit in circle. When it's your turn try to get items out. Next player rolls dice as quickly as they can to get doubles-then passes the ball! What fun!!

graduation hat made from foam poster board and hat box...instant card box for grad party

Summer Fun