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    • Stephanie Turner

      Party Game: attach a tissues box to a persons bottom filled with ping pong balls and have them try to shake all the balls out of the box. Hilarious for a non-gender baby shower game :)

    • Madi Day

      Fill a tissue box with PingPong Balls.. Tie tissue box belts around each players waist, making sure the tissue box is in the back. Put on some music and let the players shake their booties to the music. No touching the box with your hands or help from others. The object of the game is to be the first to bop all your ping pong balls out.

    • Rachel Thompson

      Ok Nic, I'm not sure to if you'd want to do this at your party but it is pretty hilarious. only problem is girls wearing short dresses. Great party game to show off your moves - shake all of the ping pong balls out of a Kleenex box! This party idea is for one of my more adult parties. And I am already laughing just imaging people shaking their thangs!

    • Averi Doolittle

      One tissue box + One ping pong ball + Strapped to your waist = One hell of a bachelorette party game!

    • Jenny Sharpe

      This looks so funny! You have to shake ping pong balls out of a kleenex box, tied to your back!

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