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Best Friend Memories : Sunny - Rough Coated Collie, As a child, I used to have "tea parties" at my grandparents' house with their collie, my best friend. This picture brings back memories, sitting on the grass with a doll's quilt between us and toy dishes

An entry from Sweet Serendipity

Sometimes, it really is all in your head. You have to be willing to change the way that you have always thought in order to reach your goals. Besides, the way you have always thought has obviously gotten you to a point that you don't like ;-)

Top 30 Quotes to Live By

Here are 30 of Rumi’s most inspiring quotes. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi “Out beyond the world of ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there…

What is in Our Productivity Tool Box (The Fresh Exchange)

Good ole’ Teddy. He doesn’t disappoint when it comes to clear cut wisdom does he? I love this quote though because it is such an important reminder of the impor

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So true.... Waiting on our new home to be were we need it is driving me crazy. I can't wait to be home.