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Bubble Gum Cigars Assorted Flavors - .7 oz by Concord Confections in 1950's Candy | 1950's Candy, 1960's Candy, 1970's Candy at Hometown Favorites Retro and Nostalgic Candy - Hometown Favorites

...well, not ALL 8 flavors are delicious--the chocolate and licorice flavors can take a hike, but those purple clove ones? NOW those are worth buying the whole pack for. I still buy these every year to put in the kids' shoes on New Year's Eve (what? Santy Bogus doesn't come to your house on New Year's Eve and leave candy in the shoes by the fireplace? This must be a southern mountain thing.)

This was my candy of choice for the DriveIn. I would suck of all the red hot candy coating. Then I would say that "my wips huwt". This went on for a long time. After about the tenth time, my Mom turned on the dome light in our VW bug to look at me (mostly to shut me up so she could watch Planet of the Apes or Walking Tall). That's when she saw that my lips were HUGE - all swollen up, puffy and red. No more Hot tamales for me. :(