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would change the items to other ones that mean something, but keep the chain and have the end say "grace"

Always wanted a tattoo behind my ear... maybe not this one but I love the placement

the one was made of gold, the other was of silver; first with the white, then with the yellow key, he plied the gate so as to satisfy me. "Whenever one of these keys fails, not turning appropriately in the lock" he said to us, "this gate of entry does not open. One is more precious, but the other needs much art and skill before it will unlock -- that is the key that must undo the knot. These I received from Peter; and he taught me rather to err in opening than in keeping this portal shut.

Wooden key tattoo. Would love for the other half to get this and for me to have a lock in the same style!

Getting a tattoo with my mom and sisters. My mom is getting a lock and us 3 girls are getting keys. I like this key.

"Ah, yes! The keys! And now...uh,which one unlocks the tower...?"

I've wanted to do this for a really long time, but it's cool to actually see it on a couple. =]

OH MY GOD! these owls are wayyyyy cuter than my owl tattoo!

Key + script, but it's hard to read :O(

Simple small key tattoo Loving the small little tattoos. Couples tattoo: man has key, woman has heart with key hole. 💖

anchor & key tattoo