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  • Candace Altschul

    I still like a comment that a friend made about baby on board..."I don't really pay attention to the Baby on Board signs, but if they had a sign that read Caution: Sleep Deprived Mother Driving, then I would be sure to keep my distance." So true!

  • Kristin Glass

    I laugh every time I see "Baby On Board" signs on cars! Really?

  • Kristina Reyes-Davy

    Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: *Baby On Board* Oh really? Ok. I WAS going to ram into the back of your car, but now I won't.

  • Sydney Uphold

    funny stuff

  • Hannah Settell

    My thoughts exactly! I hate those things!!

  • Carolyn Boersma

    "'Baby on board?' Oh really? Okay, I WAS going to ram into the back of your car, but now I won't." ( I used to think the same thing back when you saw those signs all over the place!)

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