TNG photobomb.

Oh Data.

Star Trek TNG

Data - Star trek The Next Generation

The Borg Queen and her director

The Star Trek: TNG crew looks amazing in Original Series uniforms....Data

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek (2009): Construction Poster_ This amazing poster is rare and was said to be used directly after the release of the teaser trailer for Star Trek that was attatched to "Cloverfield" another Paramount/Bad Robot movie in 2008. This promo is well themed as it shows not just the construction of the Starship Enterprise but also that the film was still under development at that time.

10 things you might not know about STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION | Warped Factor - Daily features and news from the world of geek

Playmates Toys STAR TREK: The next generation action figures 1993 DATA (1st released version in the playmates line) 100% COMPLETE Even includes the file card Co

Star Trek Selfie

Data and Admiral McCoy. I loved these lines.


Bones is the best thing in the Federation. Largely because he keeps stabbing Kirk in the neck. God knows, somebody needs to do it.

Star Trek can't argue with Spock or Data~Well, that makes sense, I prefer cats.

Why, hello there.

Star Trek

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I love Data...

Star Trek quotes… visualizing when they said these quotes in the movie. The fact that I know and can hear their voices means I'm a Trekkie!