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The caption for this image reads, "1882 lettres", so I'm guessing that this is one old type specimen. Love the colours, as well as the shadows and highlights and fine outlining.

Quoted from: Ilovedust - Illustrators & Artists Agents – Debut Art

i like the idea of using different colours behind each other as its legible but does confuse your eyes and links in with my theme as it looks quite an hallucination

Large on a wall and paint the letters of the kid's name a different color!

Many of our present day fonts are remakes from anther day. But that's the way people seem to like things. We like the vaguely familiar with the new twist feel .

I have a thing for alphabet prints, apparently.

The negative space used in this piece makes this, simple alphabet, a really great example of how type as image can create pieces of art

artwork by Julia Trigg on Etsy

Alphabet: from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet